What causes hair loss? A science-backed guide

What causes hair loss? A science-backed guide

What causes hair loss? A science-backed guide

Hair loss is incredibly emotional to experience. And it can be just as overwhelming to treat. This is why it’s so important to understand your hair loss concerns.

For fast, visible results, the best hair loss supplements treat your hair loss triggers at their cause. So whether you’re experiencing big life changes or your hair loss has taken you by surprise, keep reading to learn more about the causes of hair loss and the benefits of targeted hair loss supplements.

What causes hair loss in women?

With the natural hair growth cycle, it’s completely natural to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. But when hereditary, health and lifestyle factors influence our hair growth cycle, excessive hair fall can be triggered.

Is hair loss hereditary?

Hair loss conditions like female or male pattern hair loss – also known as androgenetic alopecia – are hereditary.

Whether you’re susceptible to hair loss or not, it’s also perfectly healthy to lose hair with age. As our collagen reserves decline and the hair growth cycle slows, age-related hair loss appears as a widening part and thinning hair.

So if you’re experiencing age or lifestyle-induced hair loss, clinically backed hair loss supplements can reduce hair loss and support thicker, fuller hair.  

Do hormonal changes cause hair loss?

Hair loss can be brought-on by hormonal changes throughout our lives. As our bodies readjust following childbirth, excess shedding is commonly experienced three-months post-partum, while weak, thinning hair is often experienced during menopause. 

Does lack of sleep cause hair loss?

Our hair isn’t immune to fast-paced, modern living. This is when oxidative stress – caused by lack of sleep, pollution, UV exposure and unbalanced diets – creates stress on a cellular level. Oxidative stress inhibits our body’s natural regeneration process and our hair follicles can’t absorb nutrients like they should. This slows our hair growth and may contribute to hair loss and thinning long-term.  

Does stress cause hair loss?

Hair loss is also triggered by stress and illness. Following the shock of emotional stress, injury or surgery, our bodies can prematurely push actively growing hairs from the anagen phase into telogen, the resting phase. When this heightened proportion of our hair stops growing and falls, you might experience thinning, sparse hair.  

Does lack of protein cause hair loss?

Nutritional deficiencies like a lack of protein can cause hair loss. Keratin is a fibrous protein responsible for our strands – so protein is essential for its production. If you’re lacking protein, try supplementing marine collagen. Collagen is a protein – and as a hydrolysed peptide powder, Natural Marine Collagen stimulates collagen and creates an optimal environment for hair growth. In just a few weeks of consistent supplementation, you can expect healthy, fast-growing hair.

What is the best supplement for hair loss?

The best supplement for hair loss targets the causes of hair loss at the follicle. This is how Hairology works.  

Hairology is Vida Glow’s holistic capsule for hair loss, thinning and growth. It’s formulated with AnaGainplus four clinically backed actives to deliver visible results. This is how Hairology’s synergistic actives work together as the best supplement for hair loss.


To help reduce hair loss, AnaGain is a clinically studied pea sprout extract rich in micronutrients. By supporting healthy hair follicles and the hair growth cycle, daily AnaGain™ supplementation with Hairology reduces hair loss by 34% in just 28 days. 


To help hair loss caused by lack of sleep and an out-of-balance lifestyle, Hairology contains selenium. It’s an antioxidant-rich micronutrient which helps protect against oxidative stress and its effects on hair loss. So your hair follicles can grow and thrive.  


If your hair loss is caused by a lack of iron, bladderwrack is a seaweed extract high in fibre, iron, vitamin B12, polysaccharides and iodine. With a daily dose in Hairology, bladderwrack supplements balanced diets with additional iron. It even supports healthy thyroid hormones to minimise related hair loss.  


For hair loss and damaged, lacklustre strands caused by a lack of protein, biotin may also help restore hair. Biotin is a B-group vitamin that’s vital for keratin function and maintaining healthy hair follicles. With daily biotin supplementation in a multitasking formula like Hairology, biotin supports hair growth, strength and thickness from the inside out.  


When your hair is slow to grow, try zinc. It’s a healing trace mineral which supports healthy hair growth on a cellular level – and its deficiencies are often linked to hair loss and thinning. 

By actively reducing hair loss and topping-up nutritional gaps with essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, Hairology is a targeted hair loss supplement. Its clinically backed formula combines the best hair loss supplements and actives – for real results you can see, touch and brush.

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