Ingestible collagen is a fast-growing category. With the promise of glowing, resilient skin, split-proof nails and optimal hair health, consumers remain discerning. Do collagen supplements really work? How does drinking collagen work from within to elicit outward effects? Here, we’ll delve into the science behind marine collagen and invite you to discover its revolutionary benefits.


Collagen is the foundational (and most abundant) protein that our body uses to maintain our hair, skin and nail health. Though, from our 20s, our collagen production naturally slows and signs of ageing become more visible – for example fine lines, dullness and wrinkles. And not only that, but external stressors such as sun, pollution, stress and poor diets can also accelerate our collagen decline. This is when daily collagen supplementation becomes a game-changer.


So why does marine collagen work? Firstly, there are two main sources of collagen: marine (derived from fish) and bovine (derived from cows). While both have been proven to support your skin, studies have stated that marine-based collagen can be absorbed 1.5 times more efficiently than other collagen sources due to the size of the peptides. Once hydrolysed, marine collagen peptides are much smaller than collagen made from beef and pork, meaning it’s more effective in restoring collagen to a deeper layer of skin, hair and nails. Likewise, collagen from our diets is difficult to absorb due to the large molecular size – making hydrolysed Natural Marine Collagen the most efficacious way to replenish collagen and deliver visible, outward benefits.


Our Natural Marine Collagen is made from the skin of fish and sustainably sourced from open water farms in Europe. We use responsibly farmed fish suppliers and all our sources are held to the highest standards of European Regulations – with each batch of collagen rigorously tested for heavy metals, purity and safety.

In addition, our marine collagen is naturally hydrolysed. This means we break down the protein to a peptide size the body can more readily absorb. This process significantly boosts the efficacy of marine collagen for powerfully visible results. Offering peak bioavailability, Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen has the lowest possible molecular weight for collagen peptides, giving the powder an absorption rate of 90%.


It’s the power of cellular-level beauty. But why exactly does taking collagen powder work over topical skincare? In skincare, collagen does a great job of moisturising and replenishing the skin, but it can’t penetrate the surface due to the size of the molecule. As an ingestible, marine collagen is absorbed and distributed into the bloodstream, reaching the deepest dermal layers of skin. In doing so, it increases the pool of specific amino acids needed by cells to stimulate fresh collagen production.

Taken daily, it assists in combating the signs of ageing, plumping fine lines, improving skin elasticity, firmness, and hydration. It also boosts hair and nail health, encouraging growth and promoting shine – all from the inside out.



Do collagen supplements work? We know collagen peptide powders stimulate increased collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in the skin. However, tangible results are dependent on dose, the quality of the supplement and the skin’s own collagen requirements.

At Vida Glow, we have the science to back it. Investing in extensive clinical trialling, our natural marine collagen is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and skin firmness as well as promote healthy hair and nails.


In an independent double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, subjects supplemented 2.5g of Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen (less than one sachet) and experienced increased skin firmness and saw a significant improvement crow’s feet wrinkles, within 12 weeks.

In a second double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial, subjects experienced an increase in skin firmness and a reduction of crow’s feet wrinkles after supplementing with a higher dose of 5g of hydrolysed marine collagen for 8 weeks.

Substantiated with scientific evidence for guaranteed results you can trust, it’s ingestible beauty that works.


Collagen supplements are for anyone looking to reverse or delay the signs of clinical ageing – loss of volume and elasticity, decreased epidermal thickness, wrinkles, weak nails and depleted hair strength. But at what point does taking collagen work? Early results of consistent collagen supplementation can be visible in just four weeks. After 8 to 12 weeks, the unprecedented clinical benefits on hair, skin and nails are powerfully felt and seen. Consistency is essential in order to experience these tangible results. If you stop taking collagen regularly, the body’s production of collagen will slowly revert to its natural rate.



Dr Philip Tong


The science behind Natural Marine Collagen is so impressive that industry-leading beauty and skin experts recommend it with confidence. Skin Professionals agree that the key to a bright, plump and youthful looking complexion means going more than skin deep. Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen can deliver that next level of beautiful skin. As lauded dermatogist, Dr Philip Tong states, “I’d recommend it to patients with dry or blemished skin, as marine collagen is said to help rejuvenate and have anti-inflammatory properties.” But it doesn’t stop there. “There’s a real benefit for those in their 40s to 50s who have lost collagen over time through ageing, as collagen supplementation is reported to rebuild that lost collagen,” says Tong. 

Dr Michele Squire


And he isn’t alone. PhD scientist, educator and former Registered Nurse – Dr Michele Squire – similarly attests to the revolutionary formulation – turning doubt into devout advocates for Natural Marine Collagen’s proven results.

“A lot of people don’t know about it or they feel like it’s just another supplement, but the science is unequivocal. Hydrolysed marine collagen is superior to other collagens because the component parts, peptides and amino acids, are made so small that they cross through the gut and into the bloodstream. They’re more bioavailable, soluble and palatable. What I love about Vida Glow is that it’s safe and well tolerated, which means I can recommend it with confidence.” 



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