The Treatment Combinations Experts Recommend For Deeper Results

The Treatment Combinations Experts Recommend For Deeper Results

The Treatment Combinations Experts Recommend For Deeper Results

Non-invasive cosmetic treatments have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. While these high-tech treatments transform from the surface, leading aesthetic and cosmetic medicine experts see the best results when they begin treatments a little deeper.

How ingestibles support in-clinic treatments

A bi-directional approach has long been Vida Glow’s approach to improved hair, skin and nails, and the practitioners who spend day in and out helping clients in clinic improve their beauty concerns agree.

“With more research it’s becoming widely established that ingestibles can be a helpful adjunct to overall skin health. Collagen is a crucial part of the quality of our skin and our ability to produce collagen as we age reduces,” shares Dr Clair McCartney, Cosmetic Physician at Sanctum Medical. “A lot of the treatments we do in clinic are aimed at stimulating collagen to lift and firm the skin, so it makes sense to partner these with products like Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen.”

Beyond collagen, our Advanced Repair range has been formulated to target many of the same concerns as the professional treatments rising in popularity. In fact, daily supplementation can improve the results of in clinic treatments.

Treating Pigmentation

Stubborn pigmentation and uneven skin tone is best managed through a combination of internal and external treatments according to Dr Clair.

“The PicoSure Pro laser is the gold standard for the treatment of pigmentation in all skin types. We combine a series of PicoSure Pro treatments with good skincare and Vida Glow’s Radiance capsules for the best results in pigmentation reduction,” advises Dr Clair.

“Radiance has been specifically formulated to help downregulate pigmentation. While the laser will treat existing pigmentation, it’s important to also address pigmentation internally with supplements like Radiance.”

Treating Hair Loss

When it comes to achieving longer, thicker, and stronger hair, SSKIN Cosmetic Nurse Georgia has a tried and trusted approach.

Hairology plays a vital role in treating the hair holistically by nourishing the body from within. It complements the external treatments, enhancing the longevity of hair growth treatments,” shared Georgia.

“In clinic, Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) therapy, is the next generation of all-natural rejuvenation treatments. PRF utilises components from blood to stimulate collagen and stem cell renewal, promoting natural hair growth and thickness. In our case studies we saw quicker and more substantial hair growth when Hairology was taken in conjunction with the treatments.”

Treating Acne and Breakouts

Cosmetic Nurse Zena Dammous from South Melbourne’s Medica Aesthetic recommends a bidirectional approach to treating acne for lasting results.

“We begin by treating the cause not just the presenting symptoms. Otherwise, we simply won’t see long term changes in the skin,” shares Zena. “The key ingredients we look for in supplements for our acne clients are Probiotics to support gut health, Zinc for wound healing and Omega’s 3,6 and 9.”

“In conjunction with a review of diet, lifestyle, and home care products, we recommend a series of gentle LED facials to repair the barrier first and foremost. With a strengthened barrier, a course of laser facials including q-switch laser or Laser Genesis treatments can be combined with customised peels to decongest pores, strengthen the vascular network and improve cell turnover."

If you’re considering investing in professional skin or hair treatments, it’s clear that ingestibles play a crucial role in getting the best results. By providing essentials nutrients and key actives, they help to address key concerns on a cellular level while in clinic treatments work on the surface.



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