Grow strong natural nails with tips from a top beauty therapist

Grow strong natural nails with tips from a top beauty therapist

Grow strong natural nails with tips from a top beauty therapist

There’s no denying there’s a long list of upshots to making gels, acrylic nails, or semi-permeant shellac polish your go-to manicure. Long, strong, glossy, unbreakable nails, for a start. But with each of these treatments come the potential cost to the health of your nails beneath (especially if they’re not removed properly).

If your nails are flaking, tearing, fragile or breaking, the good news is, damaged nails can be repaired over time. Better yet, you can grow stronger, longer, split-free nails naturally and cancel your acrylic nail appointment for good. We’ve enlisted leading beauty therapist Jocelyn Petroni to explain how.  

Why your nails might not be in tip-top shape  

Beyond these mani treatments, dry, brittle and breaking nails can be a result of not enough moisture. On the other hand, soft, fragile and tearing nails can be a result of too much moisture caused by frequent handwashing and overexposure to soaps and harsh household detergents.

So, what can you do? Stop washing the dishes (or wear rubber gloves if you must). Then, heed Joycelyn’s advice: “I encourage people to take a holistic approach to looking after their skin and nails.”  

Heal brittle nails from the inside with marine collagen

To have healthy, strong nails, you need to grow healthy strong nails – and that process starts on the inside.

“Most topical applications only superficially hydrate the skin and nails,” says Jocelyn. “Supplements are essential in a healthy diet that focuses on optimal skin and nail health.”

With its clinically proven benefits for nails, skin and hair, Jocelyn’s ingestible supplement of choice is hydrolysed marine collagen.

“Hydrolysed marine collagen improves the quality of weak, brittle and damaged nails by making them stronger and shinier. I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the condition of my client’s nails,” she says.

Vida Glow marine collagen is hydrolysed. This means it has been through a process that allows better absorption of the amino acids and peptides the body needs to form collagen – the protein responsible for giving your skin, hair, nails and joints their structure, elasticity and firmness.

“Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen is easily added to a daily glass of water – I have mine as part of my morning ritual,” adds Jocelyn.

Strong Nails
Vida Glow Mango Marine Collagen

A nutritious diet can also support nail health

As well as a daily dose of marine collagen, Jocelyn says a wholesome diet can promote long, strong nails.

“Eating a rainbow of fruit and vegetables can help support healthy nail growth. A key mineral for nails is silica, which is literally like ‘cell cement’ and helps nails to grow faster and be more resistant. It’s found in vegetables, prunes, whole cereals and garlic,” she says.

So, if your nails are feeling a little withered – take a holistic approach to repairing them. Up your wholefood intake, and sprinkle Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen into any drink or food (hot or cold) daily. The results will speak for themselves.

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