Meet Anna Lahey, Co - Founder of Vida Glow

I’ve always been conscious about my appearance, concerned about which dress I should wear or which brand of foundation or bronzer I should buy. However, being naturally slim my internal health didn’t seem to matter as much. Exercise has always been part of my life, more as a stress relief rather than for its health benefits. I spent many years at university studying and working late which meant lots of caffeine to keep me going, chocolate for a quick boost in energy and whatever packaged food I could find that was ‘convenient’.

This had detrimental effects on my health. Even after going through some serious health scares, and suffering from an incredibly weak immune system did I realise that my lifestyle was perhaps the biggest indicator of my sense of well-being, or lack of.

I began taking notice when my healthy “young” glow decided to leave my body. I found quick fixes in hair extensions, acrylic nails and tight jeans. Generally though I was feeling off, and beginning to look dull.

I discovered Marine Collagen on a trip to Japan. My lifestyle hadn’t changed much, but within three weeks I began to see results. Early on the difference was mainly to my skin. My skin cleared, it felt significantly more hydrated and my complexion looked plump.

I was hooked!

Then when I went for my routine hair extensions re - do, and they were all removed, my hairdresser and I were amazed at how my how much my natural hair had grown and it was actually thicker. That was the end of my relationship with extensions; I was never a fan however my hair would just not grow.

I took every hair, skin and nail supplement I saw over a period of six years, nothing worked, and I was still losing a lot of hair. This is now a thing of the past and I finally have a natural manicure, which I love!

I knew I had marine collagen to thank for these wonderful results. Perhaps the best thing this amazing supplement did for me was to highlight how good I could feel. This began an awareness of the direct link between what I consume, to how I look and feel. I still enjoy treats, however I don’t mistreat my body as I used to. I’m conscious of nourishing and appreciating this incredible vessel that I live in.

In the beginning I began with 9 grams of collagen a day and am now having between one to two servings in a day. My hair, skin and nails weren’t alone in achieving results. I now sleep better, my cellulite has significantly diminished, I’ve stopped craving sugar and I’ve gained results from much gentler exercises.

These are all benefits of marine collagen, others that I’ve come across during product trials and research are; reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoother and tighter skin, reduction in hormonal belly fat, balanced insulin levels, stronger immune health, reduced sugar and carbohydrate cravings, healthy joints, healthy circulation, healthy cholesterol, increased energy and an ability to better manage stress.

With collagen being the most abundant protein in our bodies, it is little wonder that replenishing our collagen levels has such fulfilling results.

Starting Vida Glow has been life changing for me, and as I’m sharing this with you, it is incredibly important that we're giving you the best quality pure marine collagen available. Vida Glow is a product that I personally believe in and am taking on a daily basis. Every production sample is quality tested independently in Sydney, Australia. Our laboratory tests ensure that Vida Glow is free from any toxins, heavy metals, and pollution. Product quality and efficacy is the company’s priority and mine. I am proud to be involved in every process, from concept to production, product development and customer service.

I welcome you to Vida Glow. It is my passion and a lot of hard work has gone into making this a reality. I feel blessed to be able to share this with you. Every section of this website has been researched and carefully thought of. My aim here is to educate and inform you as a customer on this fabulous supplement. 

Our goal is to empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing, to enrich yourselves with a little extra “Vida Glow”. 


Anna xx