There are four possible side effects of taking Marine Collagen:

  1. Gastrointestinal upset, this occurs when 10 grams or more is being consumed daily, which we do not recommend. The highest recommended dosage of Vida Glow is 9 grams through the Love Package. 
  2. A lingering after taste or smell for approximately 30 minutes after consumption. If you experience this we would recommend stirring Vida Glow into a juice, shake or smoothie, and avoiding it in plain water. 
  3. Hypersensitivity reactions can result as a side effect of taking marine collagen supplements. Hypersensitivity reactions happen as an abnormal response of the immune system against allergens, such as food, drugs and supplements. Collagen supplements that come from ocean fish or other marine sources may cause an allergic reaction, usually in the form of a skin rash. Please note that this is not serious, unless you have an allergy to fish, and usually subsides once you stop consuming the supplement.
  4. Decreased appetite.