Vida Glow Interviews Pilates Instructor Bec Chidiac

Co-owner of the popular Peaches Pilates in Maroubra and Bondi Beach, Bec Chidiac is a highly sought after pilates instructor and our go-to woman for all things wellness. We sat down with Bec to chat top recovery tips, why it worries her when her clients don’t allow themselves to rest, and what Vida Glow product she can’t live without. 

VG: Hi Bec! Thanks for meeting with us today. Let’s get straight into it, why is a recovery routine so important?

BC: Be kind to your body and your body will be kind to you. When we workout we are breaking down muscle tissues in our body. Recovery allows us to rebuild those tissues, making us stronger for our next session. It’s simple really, the more you train the more you need to recover, and if done correctly you will be able to take your fitness to a whole new level.

VG: What concerns do you have for people who don’t properly recover after they workout?

BC: I feel like we live in such an “all or nothing” world and that people are so wired to believe that they must train hard and sweat it out everyday to get results. But recovery in between workouts and listening to your body is what is most important. I see people coming in doing back to back classes because they believe that’s how they will get the best results, but they are usually the ones who end up injured because their bodies tire and burn-out.

I used to be guilty of this and it didn’t work in my favour, I was constantly injuring myself and fighting through it. Once I changed this mentality of “go-hard or go-home” and learned to listen to my body and recover correctly, my body worked with me and I could see such a huge difference physically and mentally.

VG: I understand you are a big fan of Beauty Balance, what difference do you notice when you and your clients take it?

BC: I can honestly say I could not perform everyday as a Pilates Instructor without Beauty Balance in my life. The electrolytes potassium and magnesium are so important, and by drinking Beauty Balance I know that I am helping my body recover, and in turn I am able to enhance my performance.

I’m always reminding my clients to ensure they are getting magnesium into their bodies as it not only helps replenish the muscle tissues, it helps with sleep, anxiety and so much more. The fact that Beauty Balance also has potassium means I am always restoring my body without even thinking about it. Plus it tastes delicious!

VG: Other than your favourite recovery exercises, how else do you rest and recover?

BC: I live near the beach so jumping into the ocean is my all time favourite thing to do after vigorous exercise, it makes you feel so alive. In the colder months a nice, warm infrared sauna has been my saviour. And after years of ignoring the signs to rest, I now listen to my body, so if it needs a complete rest day I give it one!

VG: If you could choose only one Vida Glow product, what would it be? 

BC: It’s hard to choose favourites amongst the Vida Glow range but I’ll have to go with the Marine Collagen! This powder is honestly life changing and it only takes a matter of weeks to notice a difference. I call it my magic powder – it reduced the visibility of my stretch marks, brought my hair back to life and my skin always looks its best when I am consistent with it.  

I also love Beauty Greens as I can take it on its own in water, but my ALL time favourite recipe is blending Beauty Balance with frozen banana and berries with coconut milk, it tastes like a milkshake and completely satisfies my sweet tooth!!


Bec’s Top Recovery Exercises


Pelvic Lifts

Works through the glutes and hamstrings.

Stabilising through the pelvis and trunk of the body. You are able to articulate the spine for mobility. It’s almost as if you are massaging the spine and you peel and melt the spine on and off the mat. Perfect for lower back pain.



Activates deep internal muscles of your glutes

This exercise allows you to activate the deep internal muscles of the glutes. Particularly your gluteus medium. When done correctly you will probably realise you didn’t even know that muscle existed. Focus on stabilising through the pelvis. Our gluteus max is often “over worked and underpaid”, so when activating our deeper glute muscles it’s almost like you have recruited an extra engine to help support the body.


Kneeling Leg And Arm Extension

Whole body recovery workout essential

It helps stabilise your centre buy switching on your core while moving your limbs. You will be strengthening your glutes and abs at the same time, while also stretching the hamstrings, spine and arms. Hands down one of my go-to warm-up exercises to switch on both body and mind.

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