Let’s be honest, who doesn’t stretch out their hand for their mobile phone first thing in the morning? Apparently the majority do within 5 seconds of waking. We check work emails and catch up on Facebook but first thing in the morning is this really necessary and before breakfast?

It’s not a healthy way to start your day. After a good night sleep you wake refreshed and ready for the day ahead so managing your social time better is important. Of course this is not as easy for some people. Social media habits can be for some the same as ‘I can’t stop eating chocolate’.

If we are not careful it can be a time- hog. The intention is ‘I’ll just have a quick look at Facebook’ yet when we look at the clock, we notice the hours which have flown by.

In reality, for most it can be an addiction. Turning it off completely let’s be honest, is a no go. The best way to back away from social media and get some balance back in your life is setting limits.

Take into consideration how much time you spend on social media

Can anyone of us give a correct answer here? We presume we are only on Facebook for a few minutes here and there right? No biggy!  

However, if you keep track your time, you will more than likely be very surprised. Once you have an accurate idea of how much time you are spending on social platforms, it becomes clear whether you have something that needs to change. 

Let’s put social media away for awhile

First things first keep your phone away from your desk while at work. Turn off your notifications so you are not getting constant pings with new messages appearing. This is very distracting while at work and of course it prompts you to react straight away to see who it is from and what you are ‘missing’ out on. Turning off your notifications is a great way to cut down on your usage- if you don’t know what’s there then you’re not missing out.

Get out and get social- for real

One of the best ways to break the social habit and get your balance back is to interact with people and spend some time with your friends- in person. After all it’s rude to be on your phone when in company!

If you miss connecting with friends or family who are far away then pick up the phone!

Once it’s bed time, it’s bed time

That’s right it’s time to park your mobile phone and store it in your drawer to keep that phone out of arms reach in the bedroom! We associate the bedroom as a place of rest and peace so make sure you keep those boundaries.

If you use your phone for your alarm clock then look at investing in an alarm clock and leave checking your emails on your commute to work- they can wait until you reach the office too!

Life coach Shannah Mitchell promises better sleep and less resentment about work (no emails within arm’s reach) if you keep your mobile phone out of the bedroom at night.

"It changes the whole mindset. When they're sleeping they've got the energy to get up and exercise or to put more effort into their food."