ith Summer just a few weeks away in Australia Brittany Darling, our resident nutritionist caught up with Model and Celebrity Personal Trainer, Tegan Haining, to find out her hottest tips on getting fit and confident in time for Summer!

Chcek out Tegan’s website here

BD: What are your tips for keeping fitness motivation though the Summer?

TH: Don’t over commit to a busy training schedule. Pick three days a week and stick to them. Consistency is key and you will see the rewards in Summer when the clothes come off. I like to do a slow hot yoga flow; it also helps you sweat out toxins.

BD: How many times per week should we be working out and what kind of exercise and movement is best?

TH: It depends on your own fitness levels. But I like to recommend clients do some form of stretching like what I do, Fascia Stretch Therapy or Yoga once per week at least. Strength training twice per week is also important for maintaining stability in the body and increasing your fat-burning potential. Cardio twice per week is great too but pick something you enjoy! Don’t slog it out on a treadmill if you hate it. Pick a sport like Tennis or Soccer or maybe a more skill based cardio workout like Boxing or Rowing.

BD: Should winter training be any different to the warmer months?

TH: As my old boss James Duigan at Bodyism always says, Be Kind To Yourself. Cold bodies can be more susceptible to injury so make sure you take time to warm up effectively.

BD: Summer is only a few weeks away now in Australia, what is the best way to get fit and confident (quickly) for summer?

TH: It’s exactly this question that led me to develop my 7 Day Quickie Program. Designed to help you get off the couch and get motivated and moving. It will help your tummy feel flatter and boost your energy levels. Anyone can do 7 Days! It’s well worth signing up for.

BD: For those of us that are time poor, do you have any tips for getting the most out of short or less frequent workouts?

TH: My top tip would be to set a timer on your phone. Short workouts are very effective but there is no time for procrastination. A timer keeps you accountable to focusing on what you are doing instead of checking your Instagram or spending too much time on water breaks. I like the app Gymboss but you can just use the stopwatch on your phone also if that’s easier.

BD: What are your insider secrets for smooth, toned and cellulite free legs (AKA model legs)?

TH: Number one is stay away from sugar. Number two is dry body brushing and number three is regular infrared saunas or Epsom salt baths. 2-3 per week is ideal.


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