Usually people dread the thought of being surrounded by temptation at Easter and the idea of falling off the band wagon when they have just about climbed back on board after their Christmas indulgence. Instead of foreseeing Easter with thoughts of defeat and loosening belt straps lets ditch seeing food as the enemy and look to Easter as a time of new beginnings and balance.

If we slip up from time to time (which we all do) we should not beat ourselves up about it! At the end of the day we are only human so let’s release ourselves from that guilt and negativity. What we need to remember is that anything in moderation is not bad for us. Find a balance between healthy eating and treating. One bad meal will not make you gain weight just like one nutritional meal will not make you healthy. Don’t let one bad day of eating turn into a bad week.

Everyone is different, find what works best for you, experiment with food, try new and different things. Maybe even keep a diary of how each meal makes you feel. This will encourage you to eat the foods that make you feel good. If you remember how bloated or uncomfortable certain foods make you feel you will less likely go for them when you are having sugar cravings.

Exercise is also so important when it comes to balance in your life. By combining a good diet with exercise, this will also allow slip ups seem that little less stressful. For many people food is their passion and they love to eat. Regular exercise can balance this passion and if you have a slip up – add an extra 10 minutes to your walk or workout. Don’t be hard on yourself and let the guilt take over! There is no point, it will not take back what you ate, it will not make you feel any better – think of what you can do to make yourself feel more positive.

We all love trying new things so don't second guess yourself, enjoy your decision’s!