In this ongoing series you’ll learn you are what you eat! This week, we discover the impact a healthy lifestyle has on our skin.

It’s safe to say that when we think of our diet and how it affects our appearance, we usually think of size and body, however what we eat plays a huge part of what our skin looks like. Here at Vida Glow we believe in beauty from the inside out, and that’s exactly what this post is about! Our skin is our largest organ, and can show physical reactions to what we consume. Getting to know your skin with daily checks of the face and body is a great way to see how our insides are going, more specifically, our belly!

Have you ever noticed a breakout frenzy the day after over consuming carbs or alcohol? Or maybe you have been facing an ongoing tug-of-war with facial redness, eczema, psoriasis or rosacea? These are all common signs that our gut health may not be up to scratch. To get a better understanding of why our gut health is so important, we need to understand what it actually does.

The gut is responsible for processing and absorbing nutrients from the food we eat, and in doing so it is also exposed to nasties such as infectious bacteria and toxic substances. We need to ensure that our gut are getting the right amount of good nutrients to feed the rest of our organs, because when it doesn’t, it starts to prioritise which organs get what’s available. Long story short, the gut is something we really don’t want to upset!

So now we know that gut health is super important, let’s talk about our skin health! If you have noticed some wear and tear on your skin in the form of redness, dullness, acne or dryness, we have some tips to help you get your guts in check.

Top tips to care for your digestive health for glowing skin:

  • Drink lemon juice in a small amount of water before each meal.
  • Eat probiotic containing foods such as; sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, fermented dairy, miso soup, or food rich in probiotics. 
  • Avoid processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol and gluten.
  • Avoid plant based oils (sunflower, corn, canola, soy)
  • Eating a high fibre diet, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds.
  • Avoid dairy! There is a very strong correlation between consuming dairy products - such as milk - and acne, skin breakouts and ageing.
  • And lastly feed your skin with Marine Collagen powder to complete your holistic beauty routine for glowing, clear skin!

A solid diet based on fruit and vegetables will fix your digestive system right up! Fruit and vegetables are jam packed with nutrients and make a great foundation for glowing skin. A never fail tip to kickstart your gut each day is to start your morning with a glass of hot water and lemon juice to help in the production of acid for optimal digestion.

Not only will you notice your skin looking refreshed and healthy, but your overall body will be thanking you for the high energy and positive mood! Speaking of healthy looking skin...SPOILER ALERT! Vida Glow has some really exciting products coming at the end of the year! One, in particular, is beautifully green! A Beauty Powder which offers a delicious prebiotic and probiotic alkalizing green blend, promoting balance and immunity. WATCH THIS SPACE!