Give your Makeup Kit a Refresh!

Makeup for most of us is that little confidence boost that we like to start the morning with for our busy day ahead. Maybe for some it’s covering up those unruly pimples, or even those blemishes that never seem to disappear no matter how much foundation we put on them. What is interesting to know about makeup however is that wearing makeup everyday  (especially too much makeup) can in fact be the reason we break out. What’s more, using makeup that is well passed its sell by date can leave us with the dreaded outcome of clogged pores, breakouts or worse, fine lines and wrinkles. With a few tips and facts to get your makeup routine more barefaced and cleaner, we have sussed out 7 great ways your skin can look forwards to being healthy, glowing and ready to take on the day.



Fact 1) Too Much Makeup Will Clog Pores

Many ingredients in makeup from coconut oil to synthetic silicones are highly likely to block pores. These types of ingredients are known as ‘comedogenic’ and lead to skin developing blackheads and breakouts.

Vida Tip: If you are someone who likes to wear a lot of makeup, make sure to wash your face well each and every night to let your pores breathe with our daily cleanser and also our exfoliator once or twice a week.




Fact 2) Your Wrinkles Could Look Worse

The skin on our face and around our eye area is a lot more delicate than the rest of our body. The more we tug and stretch this skin, the more at risk we are of our eye area losing elasticity and becoming wrinkled. Heavy concealers, foundations and powders applied to this area each day will create weight around the skin, damaging collagen and breaking capillaries.

Vida Tip: Wear less makeup around this area, and pat your concealer in rather than pull. Also, invest in a collagen supplement to keep the skin in your eye area strong and youthful such as our Marine Collagen.


Fact 3) Invest In Makeup With Natural Ingredients.

As much as we are investing in our skincare and ingestible beauty, we also need to look towards buying makeup with safer ingredients. If we are using healthy skincare products and then applying makeup that is out of date or full of toxic ingredients, we aren’t getting the results that we want from our skin.

Vida Tip: Invest in vegan or 100% natural skincare that will compliment your skincare and diet to ensure you do not break out in any pimples or blemishes.


Fact 4) Dirty Brushes Will Irritate Your Face

Dirty makeup brushes become more abrasive the more caked they are in concealer, foundations and powders. Having dirty makeup brushes are the breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn will aggravate your skin.

Vida Tip: Wash your brushes every two weeks with shampoo and leave to dry naturally to keep them soft as to not cause damage to your face.






Fact 5) Keep Your Makeup up to Date

Bacteria can harbour in most makeup items, even powders. A lot of us tend to forget that makeup has a sell by date. Gone off makeup can irritate the skin and also exacerbate skin infections.

Vida Tip) Make sure you keep a note of sell by dates for your makeup. If it’s over the sell by date, replace it.

Eyeliner: 6 months to 1 year Mascara: 3-6 months Foundation: 6 months: 2 years Powders: 1-2 years Lipstick: 2 years


Fact 6) Wash Your Makeup Bag Regularly

Our makeup bags are a place where bacteria can also harbour. As much as we need to clean our brushes, they are no use clean if we put them back in a dirty makeup bag.

Vida Tip: Make sure we clean out our bag once a month with warm soapy water to ensure all bacteria and product build up is removed to avoid contaminating your skin.






Fact 7) Give Your Skin A Break From Makeup

At home, or when you can, let your skin breathe. Your skin needs a ‘day off’ just as much as your body and mind does to help renew your skin leave it feeling rejuvenated.

Vida Tip: Wash face with our cleanser to remove makeup every night to clean and freshen skin. Once a week, for an extra treat, apply Vida Glows Marine Collagen Mask to nourish skin to leave it soft and supple.


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