A Day on the Plate of a Nutritionist

by Vida Glow's Resident nutritionist Brittany Darling.

Let me start by saying I LOVE FOOD!

I'm always thinking about my next meal and if you follow me on Instagram I'm always cooking! I eat everything (within reason, I am a nutritionist after all!). I find that when my body is in balance it can handle a bit of everything, including ice cream! I do find though, if my diet starts to shift towards an overload of refined carbs and sugars, I start to feel not as well.

Here's a sneak peak at what I ate today:

First supplements, because if I don't take them now, I won't at all. I don't regularly take anything specific unless I'm feeling run down or stressed. At the moment I'm taking Bioceuticals Alpha EFA for my dry eyes and Armaforce for immune support (I've got 2 toddlers who seem to bring every bug home!).

Breakfast 7am

A piece of seeded sourdough toast with avocado, goat feta and pickled jalapeño plus a soft boiled egg. A latte as always with full cream milk.

Lunch 11.30am

Left over split pea Dahl with basmati rice and extra grated salad (carrot and beetroot).


A small green juice with 2 sachets of Vida Glow Original Powder

Afternoon Tea 4pm at my desk (not ideal, I know)

I always get hungry around 3-4pm and I usually want something good (tasting that is!)

Today I had 1/2 cup of Chobani yogurt with berries and sprinkled with Vida Glow Beauty Blend

Dinner 7.30pm

Grilled fish "tacos" using lettuce leaves. I added some homemade salsa, cabbage slaw and mashed avo. A glass of Rosé.

Dessert 8pm

Apple slices with a piece of Brie 

Before Bed 8.30-9pm

I take a magnesium sleep powder and Biomedica NeuroA for sleep. Since having children I haven't been the best sleeper. I always feel like I'm on alert and wake up to the smallest noises. I have found these two supplements have really helped calm my nervous system and give me a better nights sleep. I also no longer sleep with the baby monitor next to me!

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