It’s no secret that balance is essential in maintaining a productive and harmonious life, however, it is important to remember true balance begins from within. Sustaining our bodies natural balance can leave us feeling lighter, cleaner and more energised- but how do we achieve this and why is it important?

With hype around ‘alkalising’ in recent years, many may not truly understand why an acidic-alkaline balance is important to our health. The more acidic food we digest, the more acidic we become which can throw off our bodies natural alignment. The idea is if we consume more alkaline foods, we will have more balance which ultimately leads to better health.

But what is alkaline? In simple terms, it is the healthy balanced state our bodies need to maintain in order to function properly. An alkaline body is a healthy body- when imbalances occur, our bodies struggle to repair and detoxify which can affect how we look and feel. Common symptoms include dull skin, weight gain, acne, bloating and ageing which lead to decreased energy and other health concerns if left unattended.

What can we do to alkaline? Our diets are very important when it comes to balance, starting with green, leafy vegetables. Including greens in your regular diet not only provides us with essential vitamins and nutrients that boost our collagen levels to promote anti-ageing, they are also high in alkaline which assist in restoring our bodies natural balance.

As we all lead busy lifestyles, it can sometimes be hard to consume adequate amounts of greens in our diets, which is why greens powders are a great alternative to up your daily intake. But with an array of superfood greens on the market today, it is important to look for quality supplements made from a blend of superfoods and green vegetables.

If you are imbalanced, chances are your digestive system may already be suffering, which is why digestive enzymes are also an important addition in your greens. If we don’t have enough digestive enzymes in our body we cannot break down our food, which means even though we may be eating well, we aren’t absorbing all the good nutrition.

We believe a balanced body is a beautiful body, when our bodies are aligned we not only reap the benefits but it radiates through our skin. Here at Vida glow we have formulated a delicious alkalising greens blend to promote the essential balance our bodies need to stay beautiful. We have boosted our beauty greens with important digestive enzymes to improve the bioavailability of the nutrients we consume with each serve. Containing certified organic ingredients and absolutely no nasties, it is the perfect addition to include in your daily beauty regime.

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